the “F” word

Dear Fun-Fabulous-Fashionable-Fifol,

So, i finally decided to make another blog (must be the weather!). Went out on a movie date with my gurlfriend- Jaz. Ate a medium done USDA Prime Rib Eye Steak at Tender Bobs and watched Snow White and the Huntsman. More than the weather, i think it was Charlize Theron who inspired me tonight. Everything about her in the movie screamed for Power and Passion! Well, my blog will not be about movies. 🙂 This blog is dedicated to the “F” word that excites me the most!

Spell it with me guys and girls!


Thank You!

Shandii J

Ring from Jo Lavilla Fashion Collections, Sweater from H & M, Bag by Aramis.


2 thoughts on “the “F” word

  1. The Urban Nomad says:

    hell yeah! Charlize Theron was so fab, I humbly think the title of the movie ought to have been changed. She totally knocked Twilight girl off. Queen Ravenna-1, Snow White-0.

    Anyway, yeah, this blog’s about fashion. Got carried away. Haha. Loved the bag but more importantly, I’ve noticed the ring. Chic! 🙂


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