Hot Seat:

Indie Actors Johnron Tanada [Kubli, Ang Misis Ni Meyor], John Relucio [Oros, Aparisyon], Francis Lopez [Bad Romance, Bangungot] and Lance Raymundo [Fidel, Ang Paglilitis Ni Bonifacio] take ANDROGYNY to the next level.

Photography: Apy Arevalo
Creative Direction and Styling: Shandii J
Assisted by Ferdz Vinzon
Hair & Make Up: Yves Marcelo & Jazmin Trinidad

My Fashion Editorial featured in ISDA Magazine May 2013 issue [Mercedes Cabral cover].

Here’s the link to browse the entire magazine:

942997_462438723830967_1345308426_n 525403_462438827164290_1381847614_n 945387_462438883830951_190184494_n 321491_462438843830955_1598050453_n 270887_462438713830968_565667484_n 420646_462438737164299_1273198416_n 943670_462438900497616_1194183102_n


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