Outside Windowpanes

PH: Miguel Alomajan
ST: Shandii J
Grooming: Abby Maglaya
M: Josh Lake

Special thanks to: Levenson Rodriguez, Fatima Guerrero, Fashion Exchange and Anne Garcia


248018_463163317091841_1251635652_n 21248_463163287091844_539702796_n 184452_463163950425111_205225498_n 255492_463164057091767_144357203_n 480360_463163953758444_1189764637_n 600816_463163903758449_246273831_n 923392_463163383758501_1954521212_n 923446_463163260425180_1834802915_n 931428_463164093758430_281118495_n 936127_463164070425099_1460475106_n 945268_463163277091845_426342924_n 946408_463163337091839_50608108_n


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