Traversing Across The Universe


The Cosmenaut

(WARNING this post has mature contents)

It’s been a looooong time since I last posted anything here! I’ve been so lost the past few months. You know the feeling when you try to create art and nothing you create seemed to entice you? I have always compared art with masturbation, you try to search for that thing, that certain feeling that will satisfy your inner fantasies, so you search your brain or feed yourself with stimulating visuals until you reach that level of orgasmic satisfaction… You know when you have reached it, you just can’t deny that it’s there. So anyway, Traversing Across The Universe is about me trying new things, and experimenting on new techniques and I must say I found temporary comfort in these transitional visual imagery. These are a collection of conceptual works from late last year to present, so you might have seen some already…

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