VENDETTA 2014 Lookbook

Mercedes Cabral for Vendetta Clothing, 2014.

Produced by Patrick Valenzuela
Photographed by Von Buenconsejo
Hair & Make Up by Guillano Valenzuela
Styled by Chey Jose
Creative Direction by Shandii J
Shot on Location: Route 196



WOW. The Man Who Hugs Wild Lions Brought a Go-Pro This Time (Video)

The Lion Whisperer 🙂

Higher Learning

Kevin Richardson is known as the lion whisperer, and I think that term is perfectly accurate. He has literally made himself part of a pride of lions, as well as a group of hyenas.

Watch Kevin hug, cuddle and play with these wild predators. He also attaches Go-Pros on the backs of some of the lions and hyenas, so you can see things from their perspective as well.

If this isn’t the most amazing intimate footage of lions and hyenas you’ve ever seen, I’d be very surprised.

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