Ben & Sam

Writer: Archie Del Mundo
Director: Mark Shandii Bacolod
DOP: Rain Yamson II
Producer: Imaginative Media Production, OXIN Films, Outpost Visual Frontier 

“Ben is haunted by painful memories of his abusive father, and is suffering even more at present due to his increasingly eccentric mother. He is eventually toughened by this condition. Sam, meanwhile, is still grieving the murder of his activist boyfriend. Both boys turn to recreational activities to forget their painful precedents; Ben becomes involved in basketball, while Sam takes up dancing. Although Ben is surrounded by friends, he is unhappy, until a deep emotional connection and mutual admiration brings Ben and Sam together. Although Ben is confused, Sam is persistent and sincere, and their liaison eventually blossoms into something deeper.” [Wikipedia]

Participant, Co-Production Market/World Cinema Fund-Germany, 11th Cinemanila Film Festival 2009.
Opening Film, Queer Love Film Festival 2010.
Exhibition, Midnite Treats, Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2010.

Official Selection, Feast Festival & Anahata Community in Adelaide, Australia 2011.

Ben & Sam, my 2nd directorial film, Circa 2009. 

24x36in ben&sam1 colored 18580_1298601472476_1453580749_827490_6864223_n 18580_1298601552478_1453580749_827492_3651916_n


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