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The Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival was started in 2005 attracting both the independent spirit of filmmakers and the ascending taste of cineastes.  Back in the day, when digital cinema was audacious enough to micro-produce screen materials beyond the skyrocketing dictums of commercialization, there have been debates whether quality and tenacity may be sustained through the years.  On its 11th year, Cinemalaya may have skipped the annual feature length competitions, the steadfast commitment to unconventionality and maintaining its sociocultural character remain and hopefully will continue to produce not only films with autonomous vision, but also filmmakers that will spread their wings wherever the wind of world cinema takes them.

In plain words, here are our choices:


Photo Credits: Derick Cabrido Photo Credits: Derick Cabrido

Derick Cabrido’s feature length debut about underground children combat is both harrowing and triumphant. It features one of the best marriages of cinematography (Mycko David) and editing (Gerone Centeno)…

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