The Corruption of Melba

Here’s another Poster study of “ANG MISIS NI MEYOR” [The Corruption of Melba].

Poster Design: Aleksi Gumela
Photography: Allan Cosef Balberona
Concept/Creative Direction: Shandii J
Hair and Make Up: Rey Decena


The Corruption of Melba [ Ang Misis Ni Meyor ] opens the FACINE (filipino arts & cine, international) on October 12 in San Francisco, CA.




The Stylist & The Subjects

See how i roll… Hahaha!!


Here’s the 1st Poster of ANG MISIS NI MEYOR {International Title: The Corruption of Melba} featuring Marco Morales, international actress – Marife Necesito and the legendary Ms. Angie Ferro.



Poster Credits:

Photographed by Apy Arevalo

Hair and Make Up: Ms. Necesito by Rey Decena / Mr. Morales and Ms. Ferro by Yves Marcelo

Stylists: Ms. Necesito and Ms. Ferro by Anne Garcia / Mr. Morales by Jazmin Trinidad

Concept/Creative Styling and Direction: Shandii J


MARIFE: Reinvented


Photographed by Apy Arevalo

Hair and Make Up by Nina Dumpa

Styled by Anne Garcia

Creative Styling and Direction by Shandii J

The Stylist and The Subject

Here’s Moi and international actress Marife Necesito.