ISDA Magazine November 2013: The CINEMAONE Issue



Photography: Vic Fabe

Assisted by Kenneth Ada

Design & Lay Out: Apy Arevalo

Grooming: Ino Amoyo

Styling & Creative Direction: Shandii J

Assisted by Jell Cordial

Additional Styling by Darrell Justin Bautista


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ISDA Magazine August 2013: THE SEX ISSUE

ISDA Magazine August 2013: THE SEX ISSUE
Liza Diño, Bekimon, Lance Raymundo, Erika Padilla 

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ISDA Magazine August 2013 Cover

ISDA Magazine August 2013
Bekimon, Liza Diño, Erika Padilla, Lance Raymundo

Photography – Ari Simangan
Assisted by Hice Hilario
Creative Direction – Shandii J
Styling – Jingx Cruz and Xris Sese
Production Assistant – Chichi Cardona Jayme

Hair & Make Up
On Liza Diño – Mariz Dizon
On Bekimon & Lance Raymundo – Guillano Valenzuela
On Erika Padilla – Jomah Chu

Special Thanks to Levenson Rodriguez, Vince Orias, Erika Adona, Xris Sese & Xcessorize and Brit Tripudio.


ISDA Magazine May 2013: Mercedes Cabral

Photography: Apy Arevalo
Creative Direction: SHANDII J & Ino Amoyo
Styling: Jingx Cruz & Shandii J
Hair & Make Up: Arman Bonhoc of David’s Salon

Accessories from Filigrenasia; Couture by Harvey Cenit; Floral Coat by Levenson Rodriguez

Special Thanks to Mr. David Charlton, Ms. Chaya Claver, Jell Cordial, Migs Alomajan, Roma Oyson and MSB Talent Management.

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READ. It’s Not That Complicated.

MERCEDES CABRAL for the “Get Caught Reading” Campaign of the NBDB

Photography, Design & Lay Out: Apy Arevalo
Styling & Creative Direction: Shandii J
Assisted by Chichi Cardona Jayme
Hair & Make Up: Guilly Valenzuela
Location: Bookay Ukay

Special Thanks to Personalidee & Dania Soan, Filigrenasia & Chaya Claver, Dan Gaffud, David’s Salon & Ino Amoyo, Roma Oyson, MSB Talent Management, Mr. Eros Atalia and Miss Camille dela Rosa.


ANGELI BAYANI for IsDa Magazine July 2013

ISDA Magazine July 2013: ANGELI BAYANI with John Edward Custodio

Photography: Miguel Alomajan

Styling, Beauty & Creative Direction: Shandii J

On Angeli: Hair & Make Up by Abby Maglaya

On Edward: Grooming by Guilly Valenzuela

Dream Bubbles Neckpiece and White Swimwear from Sherwin Limon Fashion




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