Photography – Apy Arevalo
Creative Direction and Styling – SHANDII J
Assisted by Ferdz 
HMUA – Yves Marcelo and Jazmin Trinidad

Models – Francis Lopez, Will Garcia, John Relucio, Dale Dizon, Ian Gaddi and Lance Raymundo.600203_440697216005118_717421863_n 625620_440697096005130_1502264870_n 734024_440697306005109_1107563294_n 2003_440697342671772_643121568_n 6141_440697286005111_1072152371_n 64175_440697012671805_1896539179_n 156774_440697082671798_1696032251_n 482832_10152192892031494_1567335524_n 485931_440697166005123_698457306_n 537466_440697136005126_495554439_n 544297_440697246005115_1709702116_n



Fat Devil

Remembering this controversial video I wrote and directed in 2012. The song is called “FATANAS” which literally means ‘Fat Devil’, written and performed by Lance Raymundo for his album “Wolf Sound”. 11,152 views on YouTube, not bad right?