Mocha Uson: ISDA Magazine Sept – Oct 2013

The Cover That Did Not Make It.

MOCHA USON for ISDA MAGAZINE September – October 2013.

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MOCHA: Freedom of Expression

The multi-talented MOCHA USON [lead of the famous all sexy-girl group Mocha Girls] is once again in the middle [in so much heat] of a controversy. During her Photo Shoot for ISDA Magazine [September Issue], an outtake of her dressed as a NUN and holding a CONDOM went viral like rapid fire. In some of her interviews [TV and Paper], Mocha calmly cried FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. There was never an intention of offending the religious sectors [particularly the Nuns]. The image is merely a work of Art; a piece of an advocacy the Magazine’s September issue will bravely tackle. In her interview for the cover story, she talked about so many issues – Safe Sex, Gender, Breast Cancer Awareness, Why Sex and Religion are Inseparable, Freedom of Speech, The Arts, Women and the Inevitable Double Standard System, Empowerment, RH Bill and Expressing One’s Self. ISDA Magazine believes that Mocha is an epitome of “Women’s Empowerment”. Next month, we tell you why.

Freedom of Expression. According to Business Dictionary, it is the Right to express one’s ideas and opinions freely through speech, writing, and other forms of communication but without deliberately causing harm to others’ character and/or reputation by false or misleading statements. Did Mocha deliberately caused harm? What is really the issue here? Is it because she’s holding that green condom? Or because we don’t see her morally fit to wear that Nun outfit? If we reason out morality, we have a problem NOW. In the movie, Moulin Rouge (2001), there was a dwarf dressed as a Nun [he is actually a painter, actor and revolutionary). I heard that in the film, Return to Me (2000), there are some Nuns on a bicycle at the end of the movie. In Sister Act (1992), Whoopi Goldberg is a Las Vegas singer who witnesses a mob crime, the police hide her as a nun in a traditional convent. In 1971, a British historical drama film called “The Devils” caused enormous controversy. Director Ken Russell had censorship issues his film was actually banned by 17 local authorities in the United Kingdom. Ladies and Gentlemen, the ever fabulous Vanessa Redgrave played the sexually-repressed Nun in the movie. Need I say more? My director-friend swore that he saw a film where the female character is a prostitute by night and pretends to be a Nun by day. If we reflect on the concept of morality these days, it may seem useless as more issues about socio-economic problems continue to cripple the country. More and more, Art has always been in existence to balance our days. Mocha said, if by her move people decry immorality instead of hailing the significance of art, art is nothing but a dead form. 

In an article posted by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf [Condom Promoting Nun Vs. Catholic Bishops.  April 11, 2012], an excerpt says:  “Please, let’s ask the Hoosiers, not our bishops[!] what we want RecycleForce to do,” she said by email.”I bet that condom bowl will be put back out! I am a health-care provider gratefully working in a public facility.We happily have free condoms in our exam rooms.” Concurring is Barbara Battista, a Catholic nun and president of the Indiana Academy of Physician Assistants.  [Get those elements?  Now she will place herself OVER the bishops.  She is an expositrix of the Magisterium of Nuns.]

“Love is the highest religion…” – Samael Aun Weor, The Perfect Matrimony (1950)




One More Time from the Mocha Girls

Here’s the Music Video I WROTE and DIRECTED for the MOCHA GIRLS. :}}} Enjoy :}}

ISA PA NGA by Mocha Girls

Videographer/Editor: Michael Angelo Loyola

Stylist: Anne Garcia

Assisted by Rona Domingo
Assistant to the Director: Alf Santiago

Featuring Wes Traje, Yuwin Cruz, Francis Lopez, Marq P. and Lance Raymundo.

Brought to you by Mocha Production [Mocha Uson Lord Byron Cristobal]

ISA PA NGA : Song Produced, Written and Arranged by Francis Kiko Salazar.

Location: Star City