Here are some of the “Unpublished” Pictures for Playboy Philippines from Master Photographer – Joser Dumbrique.

The Girls

Mercedes Cabral, Jamilla Obispo, Paloma Esmeria, Playmate Naomi, Playmate Jobie, Ava Jugueta, PYT.

Hair & Make Artists

Nina Dumpa, Katz del Rosario, Yves Marcelo, Nilo Cruz.


Styled by Shandii J

(except for Ava Jugueta and PYT [worked as Creative Stylist])


Remembering the Playboy in me…

September 2010.

Playboy Philippines’ Rock The Rabbit Issue is dedicated to the Music industry. Yes, that’s why they got PYT (Pretty Young Thing) to grace the Cover! Dubbed as the Destiny’s Child of the Philippines; Ava, Nichole and Dania posed on their Moulin Rouge inspired outfits. I was commissioned to be the issue’s Creative Stylist. πŸ™‚

November – December 2010.

A double issue for Playboy perfectly timed for the Indie Princess – MERCEDES CABRAL – the only celebrity to grace the Cover twice! I was their Fashion Stylist! This marked my first ever styling job in a Magazine and the rest was history!

The Others

Paloma Esmeria, Jamilla Obispo, The Anniversary Issue.


I miss my Playboy Philippines Family!!