BAD ROMANCE Unofficial Posters

Mercedes Cabral in “BAD ROMANCE“, introducing Francis Lopez
a film by Ian del Carmen

Unofficial Posters:

“A Very Special Love” parody

“My Amnesia Girl” parody

“One More Chance” parody

Poster Design: Chris Flores
Photography: Jerby Tebelin
Asst. Photographers: Iza del Carmen & Alvin Chua
Make-Up Artist: Gabrielle Maglaya
Stylist: Shandii J
Studio: Edward dela Cuesta Photography
* No copyright infringement intended. Original poster designs from Star Cinema and this is just our parodic take on the romantic comedy. Thank you.




One More Time from the Mocha Girls

Here’s the Music Video I WROTE and DIRECTED for the MOCHA GIRLS. :}}} Enjoy :}}

ISA PA NGA by Mocha Girls

Videographer/Editor: Michael Angelo Loyola

Stylist: Anne Garcia

Assisted by Rona Domingo
Assistant to the Director: Alf Santiago

Featuring Wes Traje, Yuwin Cruz, Francis Lopez, Marq P. and Lance Raymundo.

Brought to you by Mocha Production [Mocha Uson Lord Byron Cristobal]

ISA PA NGA : Song Produced, Written and Arranged by Francis Kiko Salazar.

Location: Star City

The Stylist and The Subject {Part 2}

Here’s Moi and PALOMA ESMERIA for Playboy Philippines. See the fab in us. Hahaha :}

Styling: The Job

Here are some of the pics of my Styling Job!!

Jay Austria
Ray An Dulay
Jess Mendoza
Felix Roco
Will Devaughn
Alwyn Uytingco
Jetrix Barro
AJ Dee
Carol Banawa
Mercedes Cabral
Marife Necesito
Rob Joseph

Jerber Mercado

RJ Cruz

Suki Pector

Olive Joy

Echo Caceres

Playboy Philippines’ Playmates and Models

Other Models (can’t remember all the Names. sorry **)

The Playmates

Playboy Philippines’ Playmates





Playboy Overload

More of Playboy Philippines! Here are some of their Promo Materials. 🙂