One More Time from the Mocha Girls

Here’s the Music Video I WROTE and DIRECTED for the MOCHA GIRLS. :}}} Enjoy :}}

ISA PA NGA by Mocha Girls

Videographer/Editor:Β Michael Angelo Loyola

Stylist:Β Anne Garcia

Assisted by Rona Domingo
Assistant to the Director:Β Alf Santiago

Featuring Wes Traje, Yuwin Cruz, Francis Lopez, Marq P. and Lance Raymundo.

Brought to you by Mocha Production [Mocha UsonΒ Lord Byron Cristobal]

ISA PA NGA : Song Produced, Written and Arranged by Francis Kiko Salazar.

Location: Star City

BTS: Bad Romance

Behind The Scenes {of Moi} of our upcoming film – BAD ROMANCE by Ian del Carmen.

Photographed by EJ Constantino.