Trip in Kyoto during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

* Yasaka Shrine
*Maruyama Park
*Kiyomizu Temple





Shalom, Israel, Toda!

My 10 days trip in Israel was just perfect! Thank You Mr. Producer [Paul Soriano] for allowing me to come and be part of your Team. Shooting our Cinemalaya film entry wasn’t easy but thank God for the Filipino Community, we got all the help we needed! Team TRANSIT, I miss yah all! 🙂

Israel is simply breathtaking. From the almost 13 hours plane ride with El Al to the Immigration people of Israel and their nerve-wracking interrogation procedures; From our hotel room [Deborah Hotel] to the coffee shops and restaurants in Ben-Yehuda; the Kosher Food; to my favorite ‘Shakshuka’ and to the gorgeous beach of Tel Aviv; the trip to JerusalemOld City, Seven Arches, Western Walls and the Wailing Wall that gave me the goosebumps; the expensive Coca-Cola and the fabulous people [Filipino Represent!] of Levanda; Dimsum Station and my 2 guardian angels [Vilma Magpantay & Dra. Cecile Reyes]; my beautiful roommate Mercedes Cabral and  to the wonderful Cast – Jasmine Curtis-Smith, Ping Medina, my adopted son Marc Justine Alvarez and the goddess Irma Adlawan; the unforgettable Beer in Zina and the ‘salted eggs’ of Mark Locsin; Mount of Olives, the scary yet fashionable Camels, the Hot Men of Israel, the very expensive McDonald’s, the delicious dinner party of Ms. V and Mr. Shalom with guest of honor – Vice Consul Ferdinand of the Philippine Embassy and the unforgettable Dead Sea experience [esp. the impromptu Pictorial]; MY ISRAEL TRIP WAS JUST PERFECT!!! 

[Kudos to the wonderful Team of TRANSIT – Director Hannah, Jono, Chad, Itong, Gian, Noel, Mark, Rhine, Yuval, Omer, Mrs. Eunice, Hani and Sara, Thesa, Ver, Benjo, Alem, Director Lyle Sacris, Baby and Co., Malou and my Candy Crush partner – Persian.]

P.S. And I will never forget the Leche Flan brouhaha. 🙂

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I will see you guys again. ISRAEL, see you soon! 🙂